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A history like ours leaves a challenge to do more in our time as stewards of this legacy. Pinnacle Living started with a handful of people in the Virginia Annual Conference of The Methodist Church. These passionate people tirelessly and patiently championed the idea of communities in Virginia similar to the first Asbury community in Maryland. The Synder family of Richmond offered their home as the first community and became the first residents. Founders Bernard and Armen Via left their home in Charlottesville to answer the call to begin The Hermitage in Richmond.

The Vias went on to begin new communities in Roanoke, Northern Virginia, Norfolk and on the Eastern Shore. The Via family moved into a single bedroom apartment and lived alongside the first residents at The Hermitage in Richmond. They formed the first leadership team and laid the foundation for Pinnacle Living that we know today.

Generosity is a big part of our history. Gifts from people across the state of Virginia created Pinnacle Living. Families whose lives were touched by their experience with one of Pinnacle Living communities showed their appreciation through gifts of support for Pinnacle Living. In addition, the Virginia Conference of The United Methodist Church has set aside special offerings times in churches. First, through the Mother’s Day Offering and then through the Harvest Offering. Today there is an annual appeal between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. These offerings help fund the Samaritan Program which is available for residents who have outlived their own personal resources.

Our history has been blessed with the addition of new communities and services. Our board, leaders, teams and volunteers are present with the people we serve every day, listening for what we can do better. These combined voices help to make today’s communities vibrant, enriching centers for a diverse group of residents that make the most of every day.