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You’ve likely landed on this page to make a difference — and we appreciate that tremendously. No matter which fund you’d like to support, or how big or small the donation amount is, know that your generosity will absolutely make an important impact at Pinnacle Living.

You can choose to support whichever fund means the most to you. Team members benefit from the Scholarship Fund and the Angel Fund. The other funds provide needed services to our residents and community improvements. Our Samaritan Program is also an excellent way to give peace of mind to our most vulnerable residents who are in need of financial assistance, through no fault of their own. When making your contribution, support the fund that means the most to you.

Learn more about Pinnacle Living’s giving opportunities today!

Angel Fund
Angel Fund gifts assist members of our community in crisis.
Community Enrichment Fund
Gifts designated to the Community Enrichment fund enhance the experience of living for all residents, such as campus beautification and amenities.
Flower Fund
Flower Fund gifts are designated to support the creation of chapel/vesper and common area flower arrangements that benefit the entire community.
Library Fund
Library Fund gifts are designated to support the community’s library and enhance our literary services.
Resident Program Fund
Gifts designated for Resident Program activities support lifelong learning and engagement opportunities for residents, recognizing that activities, and expectations vary on a regular basis.
Samaritan Program
The purpose of the Samaritan Program is to provide financial support for residents who have been blessed with longevity and have outlived their financial resources. Contributions cannot be received for the benefit of a specific individual.
Scholarship Fund
The Scholarship Fund is an educational enrichment program funded by contributions from generous donors committed to financially assisting selected team members who are pursuing a certification, degree, or taking continuing education courses to support and advance their career goals. The eligibility requirements are determined by community scholarship committees without regard to race, creed, or national origin using an established application, rating, and review process.
Spiritual Life Fund
Gifts designated for the Spiritual Life Fund may be used to enhance chapel/vesper services and facilities, provide resources for spiritual life programming, and to engage residents through special projects and service needs.
Technology Fund
Gifts designated for the Technology Fund provide resources to benefit communication, access to information, and accessibility for all residents.
There are many different ways to make your donation. Find which way works best for you!