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Volunteers Like to Have Fun

April 20, 2018

The following article was written by guest writer and Hermitage Richmond volunteer, Teedie Johnson to celebrate 2018 National Volunteer Week.

Those of us who work in Hidden Treasures (formerly the Country Store) spend hundreds of hours on the donations we receive each month. As we approached the Bazaar in October of last year, our workload increased and we needed a little humor to lighten the load. We receive help from various residents during the year, and two who give of their time regularly are Amonette Osborne and Arline Schaffer.

Amonette Osborne has worked on many items over the years; she can do amazing things with unique pieces that need a little first aid so we can sell them. We had received a beautiful Japanese-made manger with ceramic figures; it was even in the original box, perhaps from the 50’s. One of the wise men had a “busted nose.” The damage was small but it distracted from the overall appearance and was the only damage to the entire set. We took it to Ammie who was able to make a tiny repair and match the color perfectly. The set sold on the first day of the Bazaar. Amonette received the Certificate of Appreciation for her “Distinguished Service as Plastic Surgeon for Inanimate Objects.”

A hand-made antique cradle was donated in the fall, and as with many of our donations, it needed some TLC. Volunteer Charlie Manson repaired the wood and another volunteer purchased custom-fitted foam and made a sheet. All that was needed to finish the job was a blanket. We knew just where to go: Arline Schaffer has completed needlework projects for us in the past making the items ready for the sale table! She measured the cradle and in no time had produced the perfect yellow blanket! Ann Hechler handed Arline the “Nimble Fingers Award for Excellence.”

We enjoy working with these talented women and had fun presenting them with their very special awards! It did lighten our mood as we headed into the intense pre-Bazaar preparations! Our relationship with the residents is one of the best parts of our volunteer job at Hermitage Richmond. We are truly a community.