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The Life of a Social Worker

March 20, 2018

Social workers help people cope with challenges in their everyday lives. They play a vital role in our society and in each of our communities. With March being National Social Worker Month, Pinnacle Living wants to take this opportunity to shine a light on our incredibly passionate and skilled team members in the field of social work.

Join us in celebrating these important team members and gaining a better understanding of the meaningful contributions they make in their communities as well as our greater community!

Jen Tsimpris, Resident Life Services Manager, Cedarfield

“I am the Resident Life Services Manager at Cedarfield and am in my eighth year of happy employment here. In addition to managing the Social Work department, I am also a full-time social worker in Independent Living. One of my favorite things about working with Cedarfield residents is facilitating support groups. So much healing takes place when residents engage meaningfully with one another in a therapeutic environment. It is magical.

One of my earliest ambitions was to become a missionary, because I perceived the goal of that profession would be to provide loving care to people in need. It was a calling. Over the years and through my educational experiences that calling evolved into the choice to become a social worker. It has been wonderfully fulfilling. I am grateful! I am married to a wonderful husband, Basil, and we have two precious children. Our son, John Landon, is six years old, and our daughter, Anne Kathryn, is two. We are very blessed to have each other, and extended family members who are loving and supportive.”

Zachary Barrett, Healthcare Social Worker, Cedarfield

“My favorite part about working with those who live at Cedarfield are the smiling, friendly faces and personalities. I was inspired to go into social work after a mission trip to Haiti in high school. My wife Molly and I have three cats and our first child is due in April!”

Kathy Moran, Assisted Living Social Worker, Cedarfield

“My favorite part about working with those who live at Cedarfield is learning about the amazing lives our residents have lived whether it be landing at Normandy or having tea at the white house with Jacqueline Kennedy. I chose to go into social work because I’ve always felt very strongly about advocating for those that aren’t always heard. Seniors are so amazingly strong in person but unfortunately not always fairly represented. It is my honor to advocate for them. My sister and I live together and raise my son Alex who is a senior in high school.”

Haila Duncan, Independent Living Social Worker, Cedarfield

“I graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Masters in Social Work in 2010. From a young age, I have always wanted to be a helper, and social work has been a wonderful fit for me. I was introduced to Cedarfield though my internship with hospice in 2009 and knew from that time that Cedarfield was the place I wanted to be. I was hired in 2011 and have cherished the relationships formed with residents and their family members during my time here. Outside of Cedarfield, I enjoy spending time with my husband and our three children and being outdoors.”

Kenya Bryant, Social Services Coordinator, Hermitage Northern Virginia

“I have been part of Hermitage Northern Virginia’s family since 2012 as our Social Services Coordinator. I graduated from Charleston Southern University in 1996 and have two degrees in computer science along with a Certificate in Gerontology. My goal is to stay connected with families and their loved ones. Every chance I get, I celebrate life in the community. I’m here for support while residents and families transition through new life stages and ensure that the transitions are as smooth and easy as possible. I work in conjunction with the Director of Independent & Assisted Living and the Director of Nursing in our Health Care Center to develop personalized plans that meet the wants and needs of residents residing at Hermitage Northern Virginia. These personalized plans help in holding us true to Pinnacle Living’s mission: Enriching Life’s Journey. My favorite aspect of the job is being able to be part of this portion of the residents’ lives.

Outside of work, I am the mother of 3 kids and enjoy reading and spending time with my family and friends.”